I recently started one of my mentors training to get their mentality wealth. She is afraid of rejection when it comes to asking money, and we work together to help him overcome it.
(Ironically, I do not have business in the mindset and never have, but you have to help me deal with rejection in my personal life.) I see it as an example of what happens when people who have to work together.
Fear of rejection in business is important to people. This is one reason why many great ideas are incomplete or invisible. Unfortunately, this is the name of the game if you are running a business. The truth is that you are likely to spend a lot of rejection before starting successfully.
To see how this is happening, here are a few tips I shared with my clients how to overcome the fear of rejection in companies.

Recognize that this is not personal.

There is absolutely nothing personal about asking for money and not getting it. It is just a piece of paper (or numbers on a computer screen).
The truth is that we are those who inject the emotion and importance in money. If someone rejects our offer, we are the ones who will recognize how we are the rejection as a person, if nothing else can be from the truth.
So the next time you start to question your self-esteem because someone has rejected the appointment, remember that the paper will never be equal to its value as people.

Finally, you will reach a turning point.

Once you’ve had hit in your face enough doors, you’ll finally get a turnaround.
This is the time when some of these become non-biased yes.
This is when you cite larger numbers and you really get.
This is the moment you have been in the game long enough to have a leverage built.
What you need to consider is that you have to tackle the difficult issues first. You do not get to play well without having previously re-occurred.

They build a thicker skin.

There is always a lesson to learn and fight against rejection Learning is not an example.
Troll Twitter and Instagram’s bad reviews are not under the skin once it’s declined in your business time. They literally do not worry because you care more important things.
If it is a thing I reject in society as it is taught, it is clear to me when something is in relation to a great deal, which is not. For example, a troll Twitter is not a big problem. Not even someone who tears me to your

business page tears is a big problem.

What’s great is to make sure that I am using some means of moving my business necessary so I do not really get time to get into my feelings.
I’ve also learned to be a better fence through all the rejection I had early in my business.

Have pity.

One thing that helped me overcome my fear of rejection was learning to have compassion for potential customers.
Making financial decisions is not easy. I know because I have to deal with them all the time. That is, if that is not easy for me, it’s certainly not easy for someone at the other end of my suggestion.
In memory of this, I am actually able to create a space where they feel most comfortable talking about money. And here, being able to do it more often does not end up being paid for.

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