4 Ways to Use New Instagram Features In Your Marketing

Since I paid more attention to my visual brand, I’m really in love with Instagram. In fact, it is an understatement. I’m quite obsessed with Instagram.

If you are already on the platform of social media difficult, you can notice new features Instagram have like broadcast live videos and short stories on snapchat. You now have the option to rotate your profile in a company page.   experienced these new features Instagram and found some ways to use them in your marketing plan. Here are some ways I used the latest news on GI.

Watch the scenes with GI stories.
I recently traveled to a client who set me to create, teach, and film business courses for them. When I was out and I worked with amazing people, I thought it would be a good idea to show my Instagram followers something behind the scenes, which is a professional blogger and social media ombudsman.
I’ve added new features like Instagram stories and Boomerang (technically not new but added to the GI application) things like the camera settings, games, the space to visit hotel and annoying things that we’ve made in the breaks.
Bring something with the IG live video.
During the lunch break, I decided to use the new features of Instagram to teach my audience something. In particular, I have the feature live video live pictures to show what is happening, and present some of the people, my followers with whom I worked.
For example, I worked with a local teacher and a yoga teacher presenter, speaking to my clients with me. I did speak on a live video, about what we were doing, and even gave some of my members yogic stretches of hands for the office.
Market your products and services.
Another thing I use the new features of Instagram is to market my products and services. For example, I have stories just before it was on air for a radio show. This showed them behind the scenes that I mentioned the more I could share advice, as bloggers and business owners can get free PR.
From there I applied at the request of a sales class, which taught them how to get free PR for their business. Just put the link on the sales page in my biography and let them know that the class was available for purchase.
Of course, it is important to keep in mind that I always share valuable content. I use not only the new Instagram functions try to make sales. It’s just a general marketing contribution.
Show them that you are a human being.
I will use Boomerang too uncomfortable videos and publish them in my stories. I’m a bit awkward by nature, and it shows my fans a side of me, which is different from my “business” and normal.
People refer to people, so do not forget to use the new features of Instagram to show people that you really are.

Concluding thoughts
When used in the above manner, the new Instagram functions can definitely be a real game changer for your marketing plan. You no longer need to access different applications for different functions, making things much easier.

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