4 Reasons to Use a Digital Wallet

Who uses a digital wallet? Otherwise you are not alone. Only 13% of smartphone users have taken digital portfolio, the relatively new technology that allows our mobile devices to perform a variety of financial transactions. But digital portfolios achieved the old flash speed. Companies like Due provide digital portfolios that have simplified the way we have to pay for things and we pay, and the world of trade is changing. So if you slowly adapt to the digital word portfolios, here are four reasons to change your mind and a digital wallet today.

The loss of the wallet, or worse, flying it can be a disaster. You must systematically cancel all of your credit cards, then reissue them, face any theft, damage your credit score, etc. Credit cards and other financial instruments in your digital portfolio, however, are confident self. The phone itself has security measures such as access codes and fingerprint scans to protect other people and financial data contained in your digital wallet is encrypted. Therefore, a thief should overcome considerable layers of high-tech security before as you are walking with an analogous portfolio and credit cards in the bag.
Broad acceptance (and growing)
Another reason to get started for a digital portfolio of leather briefcase: more and more companies take over every day. For example, Samsung, Apple and Android Pay are only accepted in ten million, three million and one million stores respectively. The number of stores that will accept the digital wallet transaction will also increase; At the end of this year, more than 37% of Americans expected to use a digital portfolio in a certain type of transaction, a tremendous growth in recent years. It’s almost certain that companies are forcing them so you can expect more and more businesses, even small businesses, to recharge the trend of electronic payments.
Buy online immediately
One of the best things about all on the smartphone of your credit cards is the ability to make purchases right away online. More and more websites allow you to easily access your digital portfolio fashion store, then pay everything on the spot. Contrairez your plastic credit card will be removed from your old analog portfolio, your credit card number, your name, your address and your security number in a website that you access your smartphone. The effort of this procedure alone is reason enough to get rid of the old leather briefcase and goes digital now. As this technology continues to become more popular among consumers, more and more websites will certainly follow the trend, and the acceptance of the digital wallet is the rule, not the exception.
Download it

If the old leather wallet in the bag is a George Costanza wallet loaded with all credit cards, business cards, sweets and anything you can think of, do not worry, you can also load your door digital -monnaie. You can get all your credit and debit cards in it; You can load your loyalty and pay cards in your digital wallet, and enjoy discounts and earn points by using your cards. Then, if you enjoy other apps, you can turn your smartphone into a sleek wallet wholesale giant so you want to download those from applications such as flight ticket programs, vouchers applications, contacts, notes and others. Your phone can actually be turned into a thick wallet using all of you to keep your old leather. Save the hard candy.
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