3 Keys to Creating a Unique Value Proposition In Your Branding

thought recently about the brand recently. Especially in relation to your message is connected with pictures and texts. In fact, I have the pieces together to discover my unique value contribution in my brand.
Well, if someone hears a unique value contribution, it usually refers to a business or problem that affects your product or service to your customers. In this case I will use the term unique value contribution in how they differ from your brand.

Why do you need a unique value contribution?

In my experience, once I found what made me unique and how to incorporate these into my brand, the remaining parts of the puzzle began to make sense.
Moreover, even if you are leading a company where you are not the main concepts of marketing, you may have noticed that people these days in the way of life.
For example, I can be a financial writer, but why people listen to me because I “sell” a way of life. A freedom of life style, based on your finances in order and accordingly the foundation of a company. So my life is my unique value contribution, as if I show people on Instagram how incredible it is not to have a boss because I will travel.
That is, I’m not the only financial blogger who sells a lifestyle. The question is how to create your own unique value contribution in your niche.3 Keys to Creating a Unique Value Proposition In Your Brandon In Your 3 Keys to Creating a Unique Value Proposition In Your Branding

How to find unique value added in your brand

There are a few ways to calculate your unique value contributio in your brand. Here are some of the things I discovered while working alone.
Focus on your supervisors. I concentrate on telling many stories because it is one of my supervisors. I’m really good on the road and on the live video. I am very good also for podcasts because of my ability to tell stories. Everyone has different supervisors, so make sure you focus on your. Focus on the different things that make you unique. People connect with people. For this reason, your unique feature in your brand as your own can be so simple. For example, I’m a bit nerd, digging things like tarot and the Greek mythology. I hug this and do little things like weekly tarot on my Instagram. Find out what’s missing in the market to meet your interests. When I was a child, I wanted to be an artist. At one point, I changed my painting to words and I became a writer. That is, I have a great appreciation for the art, so I put it on my sign. For example, the design of my website is based on the wall painting artistic area of ​​my city. My Instagram stream becomes more artistic because it is part of who I am. The reason it works for the brand is that the money is often scary for people, so my mission has been to make finance as beautiful as possible. This is something that no one in the industry really works (at least as far as I know), so it became my unique value contribution. As you can see, your unique value proposition in your brand is not supposed to be so complicated. Many times, it will be what makes you unique and then learn how to express it.3 Keys to Creating a Unique Value Proposition In Your Branding

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